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Meet our CEO & President

Byron brings over two decades of experience to his role as CEO and President of Mission to Children, a Christian charity focused on building gospel-centered friendships to feed, evangelize, and disciple at-risk children around the world with the love of Jesus.

His journey began at Biola University, where he earned a BA in Intercultural Studies with a focus on business in 1998. This combination ignited a passion for cross-cultural connections. Following graduation, Byron embarked on a three-month missions trip to Romania with Greater Europe Mission. There, he teamed up with a Baptist church in Sibiu to teach English as a second language. Fueled by this experience, he led another evangelism team to Alkmaar, Holland for another quarter.

Returning to the United States, Byron began learning how to converge professional experience with calling. He honed his skills on a web development team creating online curriculum for schools at a national publishing company. By evenings, his heart remained in outreach. He volunteered at a residential tutoring center, building relationships with Hispanic youth through his local church. These diverse experiences solidified Byron’s core values: cherishing scripture, the local church, and the power of gospel-centered friendships.

His family resides in Riverside, California, with his wife and three daughters. They are a vibrant family who share a love for food, board games, sports, and their homeschooling adventure. Their strong bond extends to their church community, where they continue to grow in their love for God and love for others.

Byron graduated from Biola University in 1998 with a degree in Intercultural Studies, with an interdiscplinary in Business. He is also on the team of Kingdom Coalition for Kids, a vibrant community that reaches at-risk children with the love of Jesus. Byron Garmo shares at a Christian Leadership Alliance national conference about his experience in their mentoring program.

At a Christian Leadership Alliance national conference, Byron shares about his experience in their mentoring program.